Halliday Funeral Supplies

The Brief: Historically the Funeral Industry has deployed very little marketing, relying heavily on word of mouth. As The Cooperative became a strong market leader within the Funeral market by launching big marketing campaigns, coffin manufacturers, Halliday Funeral Supplies felt they needed to review its marketing strategy.

What we delivered: Marketing was a relatively new concept to Halliday Funeral Supplies, they could see a shift in the market and wanted to raise their brand awareness. As HFS has large-scale production capabilities we also researched and worked with them on maximizing the opportunity of diversifying their manufacturing capabilities to other industries. We prepared a marketing plan that not only launched Halliday Funeral Supplies but also their Veneering manufacturing business. We firstly developed a new brand identity for HFS and produced the design for their new website. We also implemented a six-month PR campaign with the trade press and designed and placed advertisements. One of our recommended strategies was to focus on existing customers and those they wanted to win back. We therefore helped develop their CRM system to enable them to target their marketing and implemented tactical marketing activities including emailers and enewsletters. The Management team also wanted to find a better way of connecting with their employees; we therefore launched an internal communications plan, which included employee forums, newsletters, team building and social events.

Testimonial: “We have a long -standing relationship with Bluezoo, they have helped us gain a strong market share within our market, through forward thinking marketing activities and establishing our brand. Their internal communications plan helped create a better level of transparency with our employees and improve moral.”
Stephen Halliday, Director, Halliday Funeral Supplies

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