Chester Mummy’s

The Brief: Chester Mummy’s is a free community support group for families in and around the Chester area. They needed a brand identity and a way of spreading the word amongst the local community to connect more families and offer support.

What we delivered: As this was a free group with no advertising or financial support, Bluezoo provided their services for free as a way of supporting the local community. Chester mummy’s is focused on families, so we wanted to develop a brand that was informal, but distinctive to the target audience. We then created a social marketing strategy to gain followers and members through a dedicated Facebook group and Twitter account for Chester Mummy’s. Through the accounts we developed weekly coffee morning events at local venues, for mums and dads to meet up and make new friends. We then worked with the local venues to support the groups through printing of marketing material and creating promotional offers to help increase visitors. We also worked with local businesses to create targeted offers for the groups and invited them to promote their businesses at the weekly events. Both weekly events have proved to be highly successful and well attended and their Facebook group provides a daily support network for local families. As of September 2016, Chester mummy’s Facebook group has 1,600 members and their Twitter account @chestermums has 2,000 followers, regularly updated with content.

Testimonial: “We are really pleased with the response we have had to Chester Mummy’s from local families. Many mums and dads rely on the events and social media group for support and meeting new people. The group and regular events have far surpassed our expectations and we hope it continues to grow.”
Jenny Smith, Co-Founder, Chester Mummy’s

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