Content marketing and how to get it right for your business

Content marketing is key to creating greater awareness for your business

OK, so we are writing about something which we often suffer from, lack of content marketing because of lack of time. We are so busy looking after everyone else’s content that we often forget about our own!

If you are a small or new growing business, you are probably the sales person, new business manger, marketing manager, accountant and credit controller all rolled into one. It’s hard to wear so many hats at once, let alone put time aside to proactively promote your business.

To stay ahead of your competition you need to tell your audience about winning that new contract, or investment in a new piece of machinery that will save time and money. Consistent fresh content marketing ensures you are keeping your customers, new prospects and industry informed of what you are doing and put you at the forefront of their minds when making decisions.

Content marketing comes in all forms including news releases, blogs, videos, social media etc. The more innovative the content, the better the response.

Here are some tips for creating better content marketing for your business:

  1. Ensure you have a website with a built in content management system to enable you to update your website content
  2. Make sure your content is relevant and informative to your audience
  3. Add relevant images to your content so it’s not too wordy.
  4. Spell check it!
  5. Choose relevant social media platforms to promote your content and add widgets to your website which automatically link to your social media accounts
  6. Consider setting up a Youtube channel for your business and create short and interesting videos which can also be added to your website. (search engines also love video’s, helping increase your rankings)
  7. Include a call to action in your content so people know how to contact you
  8. Could you run a competition or discount as part of your content to increase traffic/interest?
  9. Where possible, start to collate a series of content. A few pieces of content over an agreed timescale will increase your chances of your audience sitting up and taking notice than just one piece every now and then.
  10. Include key words in your content to increase searchability
  11. Not good at writing or creating your own news content? Have a professional help.

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