Are you getting the most out of social media for your business?

Social media, let’s face it we all use it. Whether it be for business or our own lives each day. We are accustomed to seeing lots of company posts about products and services, but we are still seeing that some businesses just aren’t getting the most out of social media.

We are being asked by our clients more and more for content writing and posting of social media for their businesses and we are seeing some terrific results. Whether it by social interaction, direct purchases, as a call to action or a plain simple like and share. A well-written post has the power to deliver a key message about your business, helping to drive sales and grow your business.

Social media is, in general, a cost-effective form of marketing. We would always advise developing a campaign first and include social marketing within that campaign, highlighting the key messages you want to deliver.

There are so many marketing agencies and dedicated social media/content marketing agencies out there that can develop amazing social media campaigns, but what if you are a start-up or small business with little to no budget?

We have put together a few hints and tips to help your business get the most out of social media

  1. What are you trying to get across in your posts? If you have a lot of say products or services to promote, break the content down into a series of posts to go out say over a few days or weeks. This will help maximise your exposure and keep posts short and concise.
  2. Check out what your competitors are doing online. Check out their hashtags and followers. What bits do you like or not about their accounts? How frequently are they posting? Are they interacting with their followers well?
  3. Always spell-check your content before you post.
  4. Have a good quality image/video to accompany your post. If using a generic stock image, ensure you have permission to use it.
  5. Think about what you want to say in your posts to your target audience. Is the terminology too technical? Keep it simple and clear.
  6. Always include your call to action on how you want people to contact you.
  7. Include hashtags. This will help maximise searchability for your business.
  8. Is your company profile up to date on social media? Include up to date contact numbers, maps, reviews, products and services, weblinks.
  9. Reviews can make or break a business. Often new customers will look at your business before making contact, some positive customer feedback can set you apart from your competitors.
  10. Got a bad review? Respond to it immediately on the post and how you plan to rectify the problem.
  11. What time are you sending your posts? If you have a spare hour on the sofa at midnight and start posting, it’s likely to not receive the impact it deserves. Posts to businesses work better during the day between 9-12 noon on Monday to Wednesdays. Consumer-based posts also work well at these times and also during early evenings. Look at social media packages like Hootsuite to schedule and manage all of your accounts.
  12. Social interaction – So someone has seen your post and has commented, be sure to interact with them in the post and how you plan to progress their comment/query.
  13. Want to get more followers? Look at prize draws, competitions, innovative content to provoke a response. Look at partnerships with other businesses.
  14. Repeat posts over time. Followers may have missed posts from months or weeks ago and maybe just what they are looking for.
  15. Adding a link to your post? Shorten the link length by using tools like Bitly 

Social media when done right can be quite a time-consuming process, but highly effective. We do hope that the above tips and hints are helpful to you. If you do need further help then get in touch with us on email: or call us on 01244 556 992 and ask us about our social media packages and marketing by the hour packages.

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